City Tour

Jeddah is ancient city has a lot to offer for tourists. As it is situated on the Red Sea, the climate is favorable throughout the year. The city is also Saudi Arabia’s commercial and entertainment capital. Believe it or not, it is home to several amusement parks. You can walk along the beach or learn about Saudi Arabia’s rich history at one of the many museums. So, let’s break it down on the fun things tourists can do in Jeddah:


When in Jeddah head to the Red Sea. It is a bustling place for relaxing and partaking sea activities. It boasts of an over 60km Corniche that winds along the coast. An either ends of the Ccorniche-north and south- are two picturesque beaches. You can go scuba diving, deep sea diving or engage in water sports. You can explore the reefs and the amazing corals and unique fishes too.

Kings Fahad Fountain

At the Corniche, don’t miss out on the King Fahad Water Spring, which is the world's largest water fountain. The best time to visit it is in the evening, where the fountain is at its best with the backdrop of the setting sun.

Floating Mosque

Another iconic monument at the Corniche is the Floating Mosque, which stands majestically at the north Corniche. The mosque is called the White Mosque as it is adorned with white marbel exterior, but step inside to experience the exquisite interiors.


If you like architecture, this place offer unique style that dates back 2,500 years and was home to fishermen. You cannot ignore the traditional coral stones and palm wood lattices that adorn these houses. Take a walk through the old district, you never know what you will find at the many souks doting the streets.

Amusement Parks

Enjoy your time with family and friends at one of the numerous amusement parks such as Attalah Happyland, Al Shallal Park or Fakieh Paultry Farms, Al Amwaj Amusement Park, Jungle Land Theme Park, or the indoor entertainment parks that opens in malls during warmer months.

Medina Gate

It is a known fact that Jeddah is the gateway to Mecca and Medina, but when at Jeddah visit the Bab Medina Gate. It is the only standing gate that’s part of the old city wall, which surrounded Balad. It was built with limestone and embedded with corals.